Lowongan Kerja Indorent - Jakarta Timur

Indorent is a company renowned for more than 30 years in providing excellent rental and vehicle management services to both corporate and government agencies with vast array of brands and types of vehicles to suit Customers’ needs. Proven over time, Indorent has always gain Customers’ trust, thus we only put the best effort to satisfy the Customers’ needs with innovation and development in every aspect possible. Established in 1987, Indorent is managed by experienced human resources and supported by integrated IT application system, interconnecting 21 networks all across Indonesia. Indorent believed that with professional quality service, innovation, and experience in servicing needs of large companies and supported by competitive offerings, vast array of vehicle types, extensive operational networks, we will increase Customers’ satisfaction and loyalty that will provide opportunities to grow and expand even more in the future.

The key to success in the vehicle rental business lies in the commitment to give the best quality of services to all of our loyal Customers. Going forward with our business, Indorent has leading corporate companies which have wide business network in their respective sector throughout Indonesia, as our Customers. Indorent Customers’ came from various sectors, such as banking, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), telecommunications and retail. We sincerely thank all of our loyal Customers. Together, we will strive to realize our vision to become the largest and best vehicle rental company in Indonesia.

Indorent membuka lowongan untuk posisi sebagai berikut:
1. Sales Marketing 
2. Accounting Staff 
3. Finance Staff
4. Tax Staff
5. Internal Audit
6. Customer Relation Officer
7. Corporate Legal Staff
8. Pre Delivery Inspection 
9. Mekanik
10. Service Advisor
11. IT Programmer/ IT Helpdesk
12. Workshop Supervisor
13. GA Supervisor
14. Analyst & Verificator Supervisor 
15. Asuransi Supervisor

  1. Usia maks. 35 tahun
  2. Min. pengalaman 1 tahun di bidangnya (1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10) 
  3. Min. pengalaman 3 tahun di bidangnya (12,13,14) 
  4. Fresh graduate dipersilahkan melamar (1,2,7,11)
  5. Pendidikan min. D3 semua jurusan (1,6)
  6. Pendidikan min. S1 Akuntansi (2,4,5)
  7. Pendidikan min. SMK jurusan Teknik Otomotif (8,9,10)
  8. Pendidikan min. S1 jurusan TI/Sistem Informasi (11) 
  9. Pendidikan min. S1 jurusan Hukum (7) 
  10. Berbahasa Inggris aktif (6)
19-20 Maret 2024
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Operational Office Indorent
Jalan Radin Inten II, RT.7/RW.10, Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur